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by Michael Alderete on 3/27/2002

Big Entertainment’s attempt to neuter and hijack personal technology continues to be a big issue, with the recent introduction of the CBDTPA (by whom else, the Senator from Disney), which would essentially turn computers into expensive DVD players, and the Internet into online TV.

Dan Gillmor writes about this, and proposes we send a strong message to Big Entertainment, by doing one simple thing: stop buying music CDs.

By not buying music from the big record companies for the rest of 2002, we send a powerful message that we don’t want to be treated like criminals. Read Dan’s article for the details.

Don’t think this is a big deal? Here’s an article that illustrates how the CBDTPA bans everything from two-line BASIC programs to PCs.

Think this is just a theoretical abuse? Here’s an article that illustrates how the DCMA, CBDPTA’s precursor, has already made some forms of free speech impossible.

The time to make your displeasure known to our politicians is today.

Right now.
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