Bay To Breakers

by Michael Alderete on 5/20/2002

Rochelle and I have decided that the Bay To Breakers race in San Francisco is our annual “fat ass” check. If we can finish the race, we haven’t become complete fat asses.

Yesterday was our first one, and we finished with a fairly respectable (for walkers) 2 hours 16 minutes, which basically means we stayed pretty close to 20 minute miles the entire way.

If you weren’t in the Bay Area over the weekend, you might not know that the weather on Sunday for the race was horrible. It rained on us pretty much the entire race, though never so hard that we decided to quit.

Oh, we both tried to get the other one to cave in. Rochelle offered that to me when we were getting up at 7:00am. “You don’t have to get up, honey, you can just staaaay in bed if you want to.” Knowing she’d have stick for the next 12 months.

Then about half way (well past the infamous Hayes Street Hill), when we were basically soaked to the skin, with nothing but a long, flat, boring walk in front of us, Rochelle wanted to bail. I told her I would be willing to go with her if she wanted to quit. And a little voice told her that would be a bad idea.

When we finished the official route there were thousands of people heading to Footstock (the traditional festival at the end). We decided that, given the rain, they were certifiable. We headed straight for the first Muni train, and were in a hot bath about an hour later.

A little sore today, but not much. I think we passed our first fat ass check.
Bay To Breakers

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