No consumer harm?

by Michael Alderete on 5/11/2002

A CNet article covers customer resistance to Microsoft licensing changes that result in substantial price increases:

“One year ago this week, Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft announced a radical change in the way that businesses buy its software: Rather than simply being able to upgrade their software when they wanted to – and when their budgets allowed – companies would need to commit to buying operating-system and application upgrades ahead of time through an annual fee. […]

The cash bonanza for Microsoft due to the licensing change is sizeable. For instance, Microsoft pulled in an extra $1 billion during the first three quarters of its 2002 fiscal year for Office, just one of several products affected by the change. The change, according to Gartner, raised licensing fees paid by customers between 33 percent and 107 percent.”

No consumer harm due to monopoly power being illustrated here. Customers are better off paying more, they like it…
Microsoft Licensing Resistance

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