36 wines in 3 hours

by Michael Alderete on 7/16/2002

On Saturday we drove up to Copia, and attended their “Tour de France” walk-around wine tasting. There were 39 French wines in one room, and the only ones we didn’t taste were the ones they ran out of before we got there; most wines had multiple bottles, but a few had just one, including a 1er Cru Burgundy that I am terribly sad to have missed.

36 wines in 3 hours works out to 12 tastes per hour…if you’re pacing yourself. I think many people didn’t have the stamina to go the whole distance, the room was a lot less full at the end, but we managed.

You’d think that 36 tastes would have added up to enough to make us drunk, but we were spitting (some of the time), so it was less booze than it sounds like. Of course, I’m pretty sure we were not tasting the final bottles at the same level as the first few. And we did end up going to a liquor store next door and buying $300 in wine…

All in all, a great day. I highly recommend joining Copia, or just visiting. They have a great range of programs that are definitely worth checking out. We paid $15 each to taste 36 quality imported wines, a huge bargain.
Copia Programs

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