As if I need an excuse to eat fois gras

by Michael Alderete on 7/7/2002

Just in time for Rochelle’s and my vacation in France (a mere few months away!), news that the low-fat, lots of grains diet may not be good for you. An article in the New York Times asks whether Dr. Atkins isn’t right after all, and we should be eating bacon double-cheeseburgers, without the bun:

Willett is the de facto spokesman of the longest-running, most comprehensive diet and health studies ever performed, which have already cost upward of $100 million and include data on nearly 300,000 individuals. Those data, says Willett, clearly contradict the low-fat-is-good-health message “and the idea that all fat is bad for you; the exclusive focus on adverse effects of fat may have contributed to the obesity epidemic.”

Not that this was going to stop us from being total pigs in France. My personal goal is to eat fois gras every day I am in France. Every day.

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