Tequilapalooza 10, Michael and Rochelle 14

by Michael Alderete on 7/23/2002

Sunday was Tommy’s tenth annual Tequilapalooza, an afternoon celebration of tequila, available only to those who have achieved a Master’s rating or better in Tommy’s Blue Agave tasting club.

Naturally, Rochelle and I were there. (And we brought friends.)

The way it works, you buy tickets in advance, and then exchange the event tickets for drink tickets. Every person gets seven drink tickets. Which means seven margaritas, or seven shots, all doubles (because that’s the way they pour at Tommy’s).

Yes, we did take a cab from the event.

Tommy’s is internationally recognized as one of the premier places on earth to drink tequila, and has been featured in Time Magazine and CNN, among other places, so it’s with great pride that we drank ourselves stupid with the Tequila Masters.

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