by Michael Alderete on 8/6/2002

Today is, I can hardly believe it, my one year anniversary of working at Persistence Software. I am thankful to have what is by any measure a very good job.

I was pulled in almost against my will in May of 2001, as a contractor, and the second person into a brand-new Marketing department. I liked the folks there, they liked me, and in August we made it official.

What’s funny, the friend who pulled me in left shortly thereafter (she’s a consultant permanently, rather than to fill in a dot.bomb gap on her resume), so I’m the “old timer” in Marketing. Scary thought!

Persistence is doing well. We actually made our first profit as a public company this last quarter, and the signs are favorable that we will continue to do so. This despite the worst recession the software industry has ever seen. So we must be doing something right.
Persistence Software
Persistence Q2 Profit

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