Whoa! Quartz Extreme!

by Michael Alderete on 8/29/2002

I was trying to make an alias in List mode today, and ran across something I hadn’t seen before in Mac OS X. Has anyone else seen this? I haven’t seen this tip yet, but I’m a couple days behind on everything Jaguar right now.

Here’s a way to move around in a Finder window that’s sort of like using the Spacebar in Photoshop to pan around in an image:

  1. Open a Finder window in Icon or List mode (i.e., not Browser mode).
  2. Hold down the Option and Command keys, and click-and-hold anywhere in the window that is empty (any whitespace counts as empty in List mode). You must not actually select anything with your click, or you’ll make an alias in the next step.
  3. Your mouse cursor changes to a grabber hand. Move it around to move the whole window contents around inside the window frame.

I thought this was a pretty cool demonstration of the new features of Quartz Extreme (or at least Jaguar), and actually potentially useful.

Old news? Already posted at Mac OS X Hints? Let me know!

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