Phoenix rising, and changing its name

by Michael Alderete on 12/10/2002

If you use Windows, chances are you’re using Internet Explorer to access the Internet. Which probably means you’re being bombarded with really annoying pop-up ads, or worse, while you surf the web.

I don’t have that problem, because I’m using Phoenix, a browser-only application based on Mozilla. Phoenix is smaller, faster, and has a nicer user interface than Mozilla — which means that it blows IE totally away.

That doesn’t even count the two innovations in Phoenix (and Mozilla) which IE doesn’t have at all: the aforementioned pop-up blocking, and tabbed browsing, which lets you group related web pages into a single browser window for easily switching back and forth.

Either is worth switching for, as I can testify. I’m much more productive using Phoenix than IE, primarily due to the tabbed browsing, and I’m less annoyed by the web, primarily due to pop-up blocking.

Phoenix is on version “0.5”, which might make you think it’s unfinished. It isn’t finished, but even today, it’s fast and nearly defect-free in my daily use. It’s now good enough that someone like Rochelle can use it, instead of being mostly for geeks like me.

About the name change (FAQ #14)

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