Slow updates, upcoming downtime

by Michael Alderete on 12/5/2002

I’ve been very light on updates here recently, as I’ve been beavering away on setting up a new server, to replace the temporary server I set up to replace the machine that died while we were in France.

I decided to build my own PC, because my new thing is quiet, as in less noise. I have way too much ambient noise in the office, from the three computers that are constantly running, it makes it hard to concentrate. I’ve vowed to end the noise problem by the end of the year. Uh, the year 2003, if my current progress holds…

It’s currently fairly hard to buy a new PC that is silent, or nearly so. Dell has made some strides here, and there are a few specialty shops, but no one had a machine that met my other specs for price, performance, etc. So I’m building one myself, with parts ordered online and from eBay. So far it’s been very time consuming, but fun, and the new machine is so quiet, you have to lean in close to know it’s on.

This weekend will probably be the big swap, where I copy all the data from the old server to the new. This will mean quite a bit of downtime, as I’ll need to prevent things from changing on either server while I move data and configuration information.

So, anyway, if you visit on the weekend, don’t be surprised if things are not live, or sporadic.

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