by Michael Alderete on 1/13/2003

I just finished installing my new copy of Keynote, Apple’s new presentation program, and spent a few minutes playing around with it. It’s so beautiful, I am imagining that I will borrow a Mac to be able to give a presentation using Keynote during our sales kickoff, next week.

But then I look through the available presentation themes…and none of them are professional in the way I’d like to present to the sales team. They are all beautiful, and they certainly have character. Indeed, that may be the problem. I want the gorgeous Quartz transitions and imaging, but I actually want to use a more “boring” theme.

The themes page says that it’s possible to create new themes using tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, and there are (somewhat brief) instructions in the manual, so this is probably a temporary issue. I hope that lots of people will buy Keynote, and that designers will create new themes for it. I might even be willing to pay for a themes pack. Might be nice if Apple offered such a thing as a reward to early Keynote buyers…

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