March 2003

DHI 81-84

by Michael Alderete on 3/30/2003

DHI 81: I actually sold both the monitor I listed, and a second one I was going to list in a couple days. So they’re both out of our parlor, and I’m $225 closer to being able to buy an LCD display of my own.

DHI 82: A fair amount of cleaning and reorganizing stuff that we’re either moving around or getting rid of.

DHI 83: Swept up the debris under our deck, and hosed down the area. It’s cleaner than it’s been in months or years.

DHI 84: Planned and executed a new arrangement of litter boxes for the cats. Yuck!

Note that with the earlier posting for this week, I actually managed a full week of DHIs, in spite of the basketball tournament!

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Quotation of the year candidate

by Michael Alderete on 3/27/2003

“I may be lazy, but I’m not stupid.”

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DHI 78-80

by Michael Alderete on 3/26/2003

DHI 78: I installed more RAM and another hard disk into my Mac. The RAM was especially needed, because I was getting huge numbers of swap files on my system during regular use, and every once in a while would get stuck in VM swapping. Painful, but seems to be solved now. The extra hard disk is so that I can enable software mirroring for my main drive, to protect against disk crashes. If you’ve ever lost a hard disk to mechanical or other catastrophic failure, you know that an extra $100 to prevent it is more than worth it.

DHI 79: I used a paint scraper to scrape up some gunk from our bedroom doorjamb, which has been there for months, and occasionally driving me nuts that our house cleaner was not seeing and getting rid of. It took all of 30 seconds, once I had the tool. While I was at it, I scraped up a couple paint drippings from the floor in the water closet.

DHI 80: I just listed one of my 19” Sony Trinitron monitors on, for $75. It will be nice to get this thing out of the house!

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DHI 72-77

by Michael Alderete on 3/23/2003

DHI 72: I started the list and instructions that we need to give to our house cleaner, because she’s been doing a pretty sucky job lately, and I don’t want to have to fire her…

DHI 73: I finished the list, incorporating input from Rochelle, and formatted it and printed it for our house cleaner. These instructions apparently caused much anxiety due to not completely understanding it, as our cleaner’s native language is Spanish. Perhaps a translation will be a future DHI

DHI 74: I moved a few things to the basement, and generally rearranged the parlor, so that it would be easier to vacuum.

DHI 75: A (very) little help to Rochelle, who was on a roll Saturday night, under the influence of our decorator, some booze, and Disco Saturday Night on the radio station she listens to sometimes. Our parlor is nearly completely cleared out, and will be available for use by company and other civilized folks, instead of just me and Basta.

DHI 76: This one’s a little gross. While watching basketball I cleaned out Luigi’s ears using some Q-Tips. He had ear mites when we got him, and while those are gone, their crud remains in his ears. He doesn’t like having things stuck in his ears, though, so I only got a little way through the job. I’ll do more next weekend, while watching more basketball.

DHI 77: Rochelle and I went out to B & B Pet Supplies, a pet store on Geary, and picked out a groovy new cat climbing tree for Billie. It’s five (cat) stories tall, and Billie has already learned that she can defend the top story from all attackers, which makes her very, very happy.

So another week without a full list of achievements, but considering I took Thursday and Friday off to watch basketball in a sports bar, and sat in bed all day Saturday and Sunday, again to watch basketball, this is an amazing level of productivity.

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Everything’s better with bacon

by Michael Alderete on 3/23/2003

The other night Rochelle and I watched Monsters, Inc., in every way a better movie than the Oscar winner, Shrek. Before watching the movie, we made popcorn. I bought these popcorn packets, with coconut oil, seasoning salt, and popcorn, that are phenomenal.

But we weren’t satisfied with the basics. We skipped some of the coconut oil and substituted bacon fat. And then we shaved Parmesan cheese on top of it. Hey, that’s only three different fats; Rochelle talked me out of pouring melted butter on top of it all.

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DHI 64-69

by Michael Alderete on 3/16/2003

DHI 64: I cleaned a bunch of crap out of my car, replaced the batteries in my car flashlight, and fixed the terminal clip for my portable jump-start unit.

DHI 65: I’m gonna count this, because we really did try. We wanted to try a more stable frame for the bed, and bought a really heavy-duty frame at the Salvation Army the other weekend. Tonight we tried to put it together and move the bed to it. Unfortunately, the frame is a king size, and we have a queen mattress. Ah, well…

DHI 66: Carried a bunch of stuff down to the basement, including the heavy-duty bed frame that didn’t fit our bed, above.

DHI 67: Charged the portable jump-start unit, and put velcro strips on it so it can be mounted in my trunk, and mounted it.

DHI 68: Met with two cat behaviorists, who are helping us achieve peace in our own time. Amongst the cats, anyway.

DHI 69: Tweaked my blog a bit more, and fixed a problem with my RSS syndication feed.

Another week of only six DHIs, but this is actually amazing given that I watched nearly 10 basketball games over the week and weekend. What will be really interesting is to see how many I achieve this coming week, since I will be watching basketball nearly continuously from Thursday morning until Sunday night.

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The last burger

by Michael Alderete on 3/11/2003

I just ate the last burger. The last hamburger sold by Rosamunde Sausage Grill.

Rosamunde’s is a sausage place (hence the name), but on Tuesdays — and only on Tuesdays — they served SF’s best hamburger. A large 1/2 pound patty of incredibly good beef, grilled perfectly, with lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, melted cheddar, and your selection of Rosamunde’s fabulous mustards. For $4. If you never had one, you missed out. Because I had the last one.

I ordered it about 2:30pm. I had gone by earlier, and it was too crowded for me to wait in line, order, and wait for a burger. I mean, it’s just a burger, right? Except it’s not. But they’ll just make more, right? Except they won’t.

So at 2:30pm, I decided the crowd wouldn’t go away any time soon, and I should get one. (Actually, I planned to get two, one for Rochelle.) There was only one person ahead of me in line, although Rosamunde’s itself was packed with people eating their burgers.

Rosamunde's is packed

We both waited patiently, as the four men behind the counter worked their way through the 10 or so burgers that had come up and needed to be distributed. One guy on the grill, two setting up buns and fixin’s and doing assembly, and one guy running the register and The List.

The List turned out to be important. It’s the only way the chaos of a Burger-Day could be managed. At any given time during lunch, there are 20-30 entries on The List, with different levels of doneness, different condiments, special requests, and above all, a name for the person who gets to pay for and eat it. There’s a fixed number of burgers on a Burger-Day, 120, and when they’re gone, it’s over. Wait until next week. Except there won’t be a next week.

After the latest burgers got distributed, a quick count of The List showed that there were two burgers left. Two. The woman in front of me, one of the neighborhood’s crack whores, got one. And I got the other. A few minutes later, a gang of seven slackers turned away en mass when they were informed there were no more. Not “OK, I’ll have a sausage instead.” They just turned and left, all seven. Good riddance.

So I left and bought batteries, and took a now-working flashlight out to my car, and pet the cats. And went back for my burger. It was the second-to-last burger off the grill, but the last went to the guy running The List. Mine was the last one sold.

I took it next door to Toronado, ordered a Big Daddy IPA, and ate it.

It was good. It was the last one. Because today is the last Burger-Day.

The last burger-day

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How to chase cats

by Michael Alderete on 3/10/2003

My buddy at work was laughing, and when I asked what at, he sent me the URL to a funny article, The Horror of Blimps. You’ll probably be disappointed after the build-up, but when she read it Rochelle laughed so hard she cried.

I first saw these things on a UK gadget web site, and I have to confess, my immediate thought was that it would be fun to chase the cats with one.

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DHI 58-63

March 9, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: changes of addresses, a little patchwork, correcting the bounce, a change of view, a quick un-tag, and some payola for the Feds.

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C’est fromage

March 4, 2003

We just ate cheese for dinner. Four really fucking good cheeses, air shipped to us from France. Rochelle read about in the New York Times, and talked Hilda into splitting a shipment with us. Our selection arrived this morning.

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Make margaritas, not war

March 2, 2003

I’ll spare you the politics, and just say once again that we’re huuuuge fans of Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant, on Geary between 23rd and 24th. They have, hands down, game over, the best margaritas in the Bay Area, and probably in the United States. There’s more than 200 premium tequilas available, and a deep and abiding love for the spirit that makes you love it too.

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DHI 55-57

March 2, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: Let there be light, enabling a paper trail, and the silence of the fan.

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