May 2005

Quotation of the year candidate

by Michael Alderete on 5/27/2005

Regarding the budget overruns of the kitchen remodel:

“Yeah. We spent into the grocery money.”

“Worse. We spent into the booze money.”

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Watching paint dry

by Michael Alderete on 5/25/2005 · 10 comments

In the time since the prior photos were taken, the (old) kitchen sink and (new, temporary) cabinet were installed (and the dishwasher dragged into place), the ceiling, walls, and trim have been painted, the electricians returned to install all the outlets, switches, and lights — and our contractor left to go get married on the East Coast.

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Dell 20″ Flat Panel under $500 $400

by Michael Alderete on 5/24/2005 · 6 comments

A while back I took advantage of a special running at Dell, to get one of these 20.1” flat panel LCD displays. It arrived a week later, and I’ve been using it as a second monitor off my laptop since then.

The quality of the display is terrific. I dunno about doing color-calibrated print work, but as just extra screen space (which I’ve found I absolutely need to do web development productively), it’s spectacular, and makes the built-in screen on my laptop seem dingy by comparison.

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Another update

by Michael Alderete on 5/19/2005 · 2 comments

Another update for WordPress, from 1.5.1 to

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Almost there…

by Michael Alderete on 5/19/2005

We’re in the home stretch on the first phase of our kitchen remodel. The photos here were taken last week; I’ll be taking some more tomorrow when I can get back in with good light.

Here are the stove and refrigerator in their permanent spots. The walls have been primed and patched, but not yet painted. And we’re having a weird problem with the refrigerator’s rollers, where it’s tilting backwards. We’ve already begun lusting after a new fridge, with an icemaker. Plus the white fridge is going to look so icky in the new kitchen…

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Fire & Knives

by Michael Alderete on 5/17/2005

I was just referred to the Fire & Knives cooking and food site with the “recommendation” that “Here’s a nice little food site that is snobbier than youse guys…” I decided it was a keeper when I laughed out loud at this description of wonder bread in a new shape:

Cunning bakers have responded, not with an authentic baguette but with a preservative-laden, turd-shaped travesty called — with callous humour — a French Stick. It’s exactly the same rubbish they extrude into white loaves but delivered in a staggeringly inconvenient shape. Trying to eat a sandwich made with one is like trying to fellate a torpedo.

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Open, open, open!

by Michael Alderete on 5/17/2005 · 3 comments

Rochelle noticed activity (pastry boxes and such) at Cafe du Soleil yesterday, when walking past on her way to Muni. So today I went by around 11am, to see if they might be opening. I saw fresh baguettes in bags, but no people, and the doors were not open.

But after lunch, our contractor went by to have a look, and voila!, the doors are open, and there is bustling activity. I went in, and had a nice chat with one of the owners, and got a beautiful pecan bun.

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WordPress 1.5.1

by Michael Alderete on 5/14/2005

I updated to WordPress 1.5.1 on Friday, after drinking a cocktail with Rochelle. Maybe not the best strategy for preparing for a software upgrade, but everything seems to be working fine. Let me know if you see something funky…

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Rigos the neighborhood

May 12, 2005

GraceAnn Walden is probably our favorite of the SF Chronicle‘s current food writers, and her weekly column keeps up on the comings and goings of San Francisco restaurants, restaurateurs, and chefs. This week’s column had news that literally brought tears to my eyes: Pascal Rigo is opening a place right around the corner from our house.

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Importing audio book CDs into iTunes

May 8, 2005

Rochelle and I have fallen in love with listening to books on our iPods. We’ve signed up for two books a month through, and for me, that pace is actually pretty good. Rochelle goes through them faster, though, and recently started going to the SF Public Library to get more books to listen to. Importing them onto an iPod is not terribly intuitive. This post describes what I think is a fairly optimal process, using only iTunes to do the importing.

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Before and after

May 4, 2005

After posting the photo of scope creep, we kind of had a pause in progress, while we back-tracked on a few things. So we’re finally making progress again today. Here’s the before and after of the pantry doorway.

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Cocoa Eudora?

May 2, 2005

Michael Tsai brought to my attention that QUALCOMM is rewriting Eudora to update it to the latest Mac OS X technologies, etc. While it is exciting to know that Eudora for Mac OS is still supported by QUALCOMM, and even being modernized, I hope that QUALCOMM is appropriately cautious about making gratuitous UI changes. It may not be pretty, but the interface is highly usable.

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