March 2007

Recommended: Sonos Digital Music System

by Michael Alderete on 3/20/2007 · 3 comments

Sonos SystemWe bought a Sonos Digital Music System back in September 2006, and I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while. It’s a terrific product that has us listening to music far more regularly than we ever did. What’s more, it works pretty well with audiobooks that we’ve imported into iTunes or purchased from, which is nice for listening to them when we’re moving around (e.g., in the kitchen), when an iPod and headphones might get in the way.

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Review: Audiobook Builder 1.0

by Michael Alderete on 3/14/2007 · 30 comments

Audiobook BuilderOver the course of importing dozens of audiobooks, I’ve used a variety of techniques and different tools to try to improve my workflow and the final product. And in the course of answering hundreds of reader questions, I’ve mentioned and even recommended a few of those tools. This is my first full on software review, and I’m inspired to do so by the quality of the tool: Audiobook Builder is awesome, and at $10 it’s also a bargain.

Audiobook Builder gets my rave review for three reasons:

  1. It’s easy to use
  2. It saves a lot of time
  3. The final product is superior

The only real “problem” with it is that it is for Mac OS X only.

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The Bloomsday Dead by Adrian McKinty

by Michael Alderete on 3/8/2007 · 2 comments

The Bloomsday DeadThe Bloomsday Dead, the latest novel by Adrian McKinty, has just been released in audiobook format. This is McKinty’s third novel to feature Michael Forsythe. Michael is a surviver, an angel of destruction, and a lyrical narrator; I intensely enjoy the character. Gerard Doyle has read all four of McKinty’s books, and has a lovely Irish accent that’s distinct enough for atmosphere, but not so strong as to be distracting. I greatly enjoyed the first two Forsythe novels, and have been looking forward to this one for almost six months.

The first two books are (in order) Dead I Well May Be and The Dead Yard, and they’re available from via the links, as well as and other online stores. Both are highly recommended, and judging from the early reviewer comments, so is this latest.

Note: I’ve only been able to get The Bloomsday Dead via, though it’s listed on, as well a few of the specialized audiobook retailers. When I tried ordering it from, they sent me a follow-up email saying there was a delay of up to a month before they could ship it, so I cancelled the order. released it the next day, and that was that.

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.1

by Michael Alderete on 3/3/2007

I am in the process of upgrading Aldoblog to the latest version of WordPress. I think I’ve finished most of the work, with just some cleanup remaining where the new version of my formatting plug-in is behaving differently. It seems to only be affecting my longer instructional pieces, mostly for numbered lists, so the scope is limited, but wrangling the formatting back to “correct” is likely to take a while.

Anyway, if you see anything that doesn’t work or look right, please do shoot me an email and let me know. Thanks!

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