The House

Painting painting sanding painting painting painting…

February 17, 2004

It started with the idea of replacing our 12 year old (hideously cat vomit-stained) carpet. After searching for a while, Rochelle finally found a great carpet that should be durable and look terrific. But then, the real scope of the project became, if not clear, at least a topic of discussion. We would need to paint all three rooms that were getting the new carpet. And the hallway.

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New ADSL coming later today

February 2, 2004

Last week I signed up for a new ADSL account with Speakeasy, a top-rated ISP providing service in the Bay Area. Over the last five days, just about everything that needed to happen has happened, except for receiving the new DSL hardware, which is “out for delivery” according to UPS’s package tracker. I will probably have it up and running later today — at nearly 8x the speed of my current SDSL connection!

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The island of lost resolution

December 6, 2003

In preparation for the coming year, a progress report on last year’s resolutions, which Rochelle recently found on her computer.

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Found it

October 10, 2003

I woke up this morning at 3am, and after 30 minutes of trying to relax back into sleep, I gave up, and started thinking again about where to find my errant ADB cable. A few minutes later the answer came to me, plain as day.

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Fancy detective work

October 9, 2003

So I am, as part of my effort to get rid of crap around the house, working on resuscitating my old Mac, a Beige G3, in order to sell it. The system has been sitting in the corner of our office, completely disconnected. Indeed, I’d unplugged everything from it, and stored the cables, mouse, keyboard, etc., elsewhere. Heh, to reduce clutter. Now there’s just one piece I can’t find…

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DHI 126

May 25, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: Shredding.

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DHI 122-125

May 18, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: moving, whining, and painting.

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DHI 115-121

May 11, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: HTML work, cable babysitting, redesign work, The World as a Blog, saving junk, RSS work, and some purging of crap.

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Channel-specific RSS feeds

May 10, 2003

For those of you who may not be interested in everything I write (hi Mom, sorry about all the technology stuff), here are some channel-specific RSS feeds.

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DHI 108-114

May 4, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: stacking and racking, money laundering, some anti-spam work, a little bit of moving furniture, some work on this blog, and being The Cable Guy.

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DHI 102-107

April 27, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: stackin’ plastic, biting off more than I expected, more anti-spam, and a little lipstick on the pig.

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DHI 99-101

April 20, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: Lock outs, the Terminator, and the Great Migration.

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