The Job

Jury duty today

February 27, 2002

I have to report for jury duty today. It was kind of a surprise.

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Where’s Michael?

February 22, 2002

Why there haven’t been any posts in more than two weeks.

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Looking back at 2001

February 21, 2002

God knows we’re glad 2001 is over but, in retrospect, it wasn’t all bad.

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Liquidation of history

January 16, 2002

Today’s auction of Be Incorporated’s assets is the opportunity to purchase computing history. Unfortunately, the market said they were mostly evolutionary dead-ends.

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On to the next thing…

November 30, 2001

I finished the project at work that I was procrastinating on by working on this site. So you’ll probably never hear from me again.

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Been there, done that — but it’s better the second time

November 28, 2001

Once upon a time, I worked for Be, of BeOS (semi-) fame. I miss BeOS, but have found an acceptable substitute: Mac OS X.

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All play and no work…

November 11, 2001

So I’ve made this site publicly available, in a continuing attempt to not actually do anything on my big project due later this week at work…

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Yet another waste of time

November 6, 2001

Announcing the launch of my personal weblog, for better or worse.

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February 20, 2001

Today will probably be my last day going into my job. So ends my Cymerc daze…

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February 19, 2001

I got my expense check today! Deposited it immediately, of course. Now I just have to wait and see if it clears…

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February 19, 2001

I heard today that our controller, who had known that our demise was immanent, was completely drunk at the all-hands meeting where our CEO announced that we were dead.

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February 19, 2001

My Aeron chair, should I choose to purchase it at the “fair market value,” is going to be around $500. It’s one of those badges of honor, or something, from the dot.commer experience. I think, even though I’m currently unemployed, that I’m going to buy it.

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