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Relic by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

May 12, 2007

Relic, by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, is not a new book. It’s the first in a connected series of novels that features or involves Special Agent Pendergast, and was originally published in 1994. As an audiobook, it was only published on cassette, and has long been out of “print.” This new MP3 CD edition, […]

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Recommended: Sonos Digital Music System

March 20, 2007

We bought a Sonos Digital Music System back in September 2006, and I’ve been meaning to write about it for a while. It’s a terrific product that has us listening to music far more regularly than we ever did. What’s more, it works pretty well with audiobooks that we’ve imported into iTunes or purchased from […]

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Review: Audiobook Builder 1.0

March 14, 2007

Over the course of importing dozens of audiobooks, I’ve used a variety of techniques and different tools to try to improve my workflow and the final product. And in the course of answering hundreds of reader questions, I’ve mentioned and even recommended a few of those tools. This is my first full on software review, […]

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The Bloomsday Dead by Adrian McKinty

March 8, 2007

The Bloomsday Dead, the latest novel by Adrian McKinty, has just been released in audiobook format. This is McKinty’s third novel to feature Michael Forsythe. Michael is a surviver, an angel of destruction, and a lyrical narrator; I intensely enjoy the character. Gerard Doyle has read all four of McKinty’s books, and has a lovely […]

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Harry Potter #7 shipping July 21st

February 2, 2007

The end is nigh. Preorder at Amazon.com today!

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“You had me at scrolling”

January 9, 2007

Two thoughts about today’s Apple keynote given by Steve Jobs, and the introduction of the Apple iPhone. The first is that it’s an absolute grand slam home run. Think about it this way: take away the phone and the Internet connectivity, and it would still be a breakthrough product, a truly amazing next generation for […]

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

December 29, 2006

I missed the announcement last week of the title for the final book in the Harry Potter series and, since others might have also, thought I’d pass the news along: I am so looking forward to this book. A month before it gets released I am going to re-listen to all six of the prior […]

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Five things about the new iPod nano

September 14, 2006

Here are five things I’ve noticed about the new iPod nano I picked up yesterday (I bought the new 8 gigabyte nano, available only in black), which I have not seen anyone else write about yet: The packaging is not just smaller, it’s hard, clear plastic instead of cardboard. It’s a really clever design that […]

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Cool bartender weblog

August 28, 2006

Rochelle found the weblog of Jeffrey Morgenthaler, and I ended up reading it for an hour. Nice writing, and some fun stories and insights from an experienced bartender. Eight Things You Should Never Say to Your Bartender was the one that caught Rochelle’s eye, and I was gratified to see that we’d never done any […]

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Get free audiobooks from Brilliance Audio

August 25, 2006

I posted previously about BMW’s free audiobooks, a collection of four short stories, professionally read and available in MP3 format. I’ve only listened to one completely so far, and while the product placement was, shall we say, distinct, the story and the reader were both very good. I recently stumbled across another source for high-quality […]

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Tequila recommendations

August 20, 2006

When Rochelle and I go out, and especially when we travel, we often run into other tequila enthusiasts. Many of them are just beginning their appreciation of this fine spirit, and the number one question we get is “what is your favorite tequila?” We always disappoint, because we can never limit ourselves to one, or […]

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Eudora 7 for Mac OS X progress?

July 17, 2006

In addition to posting a few beta versions of a minor patch release to Eudora 6.2, the current version of Eudora for Mac OS X, QUALCOMM apparently is getting enough inquiries about the long-anticipated (and overdue) Cocoa rewrite of Eudora to have recently posted an official statement about it. It doesn’t sound particularly close, but […]

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