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DHI 58-63

March 9, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: changes of addresses, a little patchwork, correcting the bounce, a change of view, a quick un-tag, and some payola for the Feds.

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DHI 44-50

February 23, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: The water closet is finished, a VCR hookup, debt service ends, this blog officially moves, window washing, and undoing a previous DHI.

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DHI 41-43

February 16, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: Loan applications, some domain twiddling, a little cash, but otherwise a week where I came up short.

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DHI 27-33

February 2, 2003

Magazine reorganization, another basement disposal trip, long efforts on the computer, sanding, and more.

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The power of Google?

February 2, 2003

The DHI I spent the last few days working on was moving the data for this weblog from my desktop Mac to the main server. I was able to move the data easily enough, but when I tried to actually connect to the new server, I was getting an error message that the connection was lost during the query. Searching Google for the error string usually leads quickly to a solution; it was a little trickier this time.

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DHI 13-19

January 19, 2003

BeBoxes, software updates, configuration fixes, more clearing of shelves, meta tags, meetings with designers, more fun with gas, clearing a flat surface, and over a dozen t-shirts bite the dust.

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DHI #5: Razor and more anti-spam

January 6, 2003

DHI #5 consisted of poking a hole in the firewall for Razor to access its central servers, and disabling most of the RBL blocking in sendmail, while enabling RBL checking in SpamAssassin. I also kept Rochelle from blowing up the house.

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DHI #4: Old machine stripped

January 4, 2003

I removed the CD-ROM drive, hard disk, and network card from the old server, which used to be Rochelle’s old PC. What remains still starts up and runs; it’s next to the front door, ready for putting out on the street.

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DHI #3: New server in permanent home

January 3, 2003

Today’s Daily Home Improvement (DHI from now on) was to sew up the new server, and move it from the operating table to the computer rack, its “permanent” place. This was actually more work than it sounds like.

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New Year’s resolution #1

January 2, 2003

One of my many New Year’s resolutions for 2003 is to do something for the house, every day. It can be a small thing, like changing a light bulb, but it can’t be an ordinary thing, like washing the dishes. And every day, I’m going to list it here in my blog, where you can hold me to it. Gulp!

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New server up and running

January 1, 2003

Over the course of Saturday I finished installing and configuring the minimum required software to be able to switch over to the new server for running my sites. On Sunday I swapped the IP addresses of the new and old systems, and got to work fixing the things that broke when I took the new machine live.

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No migration, yet

December 8, 2002

OK, so my planned migration from the dying server to the brand new server didn’t happen. I ran into some configuration difficulties, and I have a take-home final due in class tomorrow, so I’ve bailed. Expect it to happen next weekend.

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