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DHI 13-19

January 19, 2003

BeBoxes, software updates, configuration fixes, more clearing of shelves, meta tags, meetings with designers, more fun with gas, clearing a flat surface, and over a dozen t-shirts bite the dust.

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DHI #6: Fun with gas

January 6, 2003

On Sunday Rochelle woke up with a new brainstorm, a project she thought would be simple, quick, and provide a big payoff: hook up the vintage gas heater we found at an antique store to the gas feed in our dining room. Four hardware stores and 6 pilot lights later, we’re back where we started — but at least we didn’t blow up the house!

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The Final Deadline

October 22, 2002

Once upon a time, I bought a bunch of dead BeBoxes. I planned to refurbish them and resell them on eBay for a large profit. It’s been…slow to happen. And now Rochelle has a Final Solution in mind.

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The next project…

March 12, 2002

Rochelle has started in on the kitchen. I wonder if I should take the credit cards away from her.

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virtual (void)

January 29, 2002

A great piece of music, and former corporate theme song for Be, Inc.

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Number three

January 21, 2002

I got my third BeBox working today.

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What I bought

January 20, 2002

What I bought at the Be liquidation auction

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Liquidation of history

January 16, 2002

Today’s auction of Be Incorporated’s assets is the opportunity to purchase computing history. Unfortunately, the market said they were mostly evolutionary dead-ends.

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