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October 22, 2002

This last weekend Rochelle and I went to visit friends who moved to Las Vegas four months ago. Our friends, now officially locals, took us on a whirlwind tour of their favorites, mostly bars.

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Dinner at L’Assiette Champenoise

October 15, 2002

We had originally intended to have dinner at the restaurant in our hotel only once, on our first full day in France, but had ended up eating there our first night because we were too tired to go elsewhere. So when we arrived for dinner for which we had actual reservations, we were greeted even more warmly than the previous evening.

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The cathedral

October 1, 2002

A quick update that the photos of our trip to France are starting to come online. I’ll try to upload them in sync with the weblog postings. The first ones are of the Cathedral of Reims.

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Our first real day

October 1, 2002

Our first real day in France began when the cleaning folks came into our room, because we forgot to put up the Do Not Disturb sign. We quickly got up, showered, dressed, and fled the hotel in search of food and fun.

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L’Assiette Champenoise

September 29, 2002

While our trip to France began poorly, fortunately for our sanity, we quickly recovered. Driving from Charles De Gaulle to our hotel just outside of Reims took about two hours. And our hotel, L’Assiette Champenoise, was wonderful.

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How many sides does your underwear have?

September 25, 2002

Our trip to France included some of the worst travel experiences either Rochelle or I have had. Between losing most of our luggage, some of it for days, some of it permanently, and the almost complete indifference to same, we’re quite unhappy with Virgin Atlantic.

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Murphy strikes

September 20, 2002

On Monday, September 3rd, at 4pm, my flight from San Francisco to Paris took off, the beginning of a 16 day vacation in France. 20 hours later, the power supply on my server died, taking this blog, and my mail and DNS, and other services, with it. Two weeks later, when I got home, it took me less than an hour to fix. Grrrr.

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36 wines in 3 hours

July 16, 2002

On Saturday we drove up to Copia, and attended their “Tour de France” walk-around wine tasting. There were 39 French wines in one room, and the only ones we didn’t taste were the ones they ran out of before we got there. Cost of the event? $15.

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As if I need an excuse to eat fois gras

July 7, 2002

Just in time for Rochelle’s and my vacation in France (a mere few months away!), news that the low-fat, lots of grains diet may not be good for you. An article in the New York Times asks whether Dr. Atkins isn’t right after all, and we should be eating bacon double-cheeseburgers, without the bun.

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Burke and Wells

February 24, 2002

Friends of ours, with a great journal of their journey to France.

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December 24, 2001

Champagne is a favorite drink for special occasions. Our favorite special occasion is that there’s a cold bottle of Champagne in our refrigerator.

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