Spamnix, my new anti-spam tool

May 2, 2003

Yesterday a new anti-spam tool shipped, Spamnix, which functions as a plug-in to Eudora, on either Mac OS X or Windows. After installing it and using it to check e-mail a couple times, I’ve decided to abandon my old tool, Spamfire.

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Vendor-specific e-mails to fight spam

April 13, 2003

Managing your own e-mail server is a pain in the ass. There’s no two ways about it, when you want to take control of your own network infrastructure, you increase the complexity of the systems you manage, and you greatly increase the consequences of screw-ups. So if it’s hard work, and screw-ups mean you lose important messages, why would anyone want to run and manage their own e-mail server? For me it’s all about spam and viruses.

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