Brilliance Bits: Weekly podcast on audiobooks

January 28, 2007

Brilliance Audio is a major publishers of audiobooks, and they’ve recently (re)started a weekly podcast called Brilliance Bits. The 12-15 minute episodes vary in type of content; some are interviews with authors, while others are excerpts from recent audiobooks. Four episodes so far. It remains to be seen how interesting these will be over time, […]

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

December 29, 2006

I missed the announcement last week of the title for the final book in the Harry Potter series and, since others might have also, thought I’d pass the news along: I am so looking forward to this book. A month before it gets released I am going to re-listen to all six of the prior […]

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Get free audiobooks from Brilliance Audio

August 25, 2006

I posted previously about BMW’s free audiobooks, a collection of four short stories, professionally read and available in MP3 format. I’ve only listened to one completely so far, and while the product placement was, shall we say, distinct, the story and the reader were both very good. I recently stumbled across another source for high-quality […]

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How to improve audiobooks

August 21, 2006

Kirk McElhearn, a noted author on topics like the iPod, iTunes, podcasting and the Mac, has written a short article Digital Audiobooks: Taking Them to the Next Generation, musing about what should be done to audiobooks to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the iPod and other digital players. In particular, he calls out […]

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How to join together audiobook tracks

July 13, 2006

Update: This post contains useful information about the Join Together utility, but has been superseded by a new article that details additional options, for both Mac and Windows users. See How to join multiple tracks into a single audiobook file for the new information. One of the top two questions I get asked about audiobooks […]

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Get free audiobooks from BMW

May 24, 2006

BMW is offering four short stories in audio format at the new BMW Audio Books web site: BMW, in conjunction with Random House, brings you BMW Audio Books, a unique series of specially- commissioned short stories showcasing the work of some of the finest contemporary writing talent. Each gripping audio book is yours to download […]

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Microsoft packaging parody video

March 1, 2006

OK, lots of people are pointing to this “parody” video, Microsoft Redesigns the iPod Package, but since it involves the iPod, I thought I’d call a little more attention to it.

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Which iPod for audiobooks?

February 13, 2006

I’ve just published a ridiculously long explanation of why the iPod Nano is the best playback device for audiobooks. If you’re interested, here’s the article:

Which iPod Should I Buy?

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iPod 101

December 28, 2005

There’s not much about audiobooks (except how to buy them in the iTMS), but Apple’s new iPod 101 is likely to be an extremely useful resource to all the many visitors who are coming here after getting an iPod for Xmas.

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Announcing Aldo on Audiobooks

November 21, 2005

When I posted my instructions for importing audiobooks into iTunes and the iPod, it quickly became the single most popular post on this site, both in page views and in comments. I followed it up with a companion piece, covering the differences for MP3 CD audiobooks, and that quickly became the 2nd most popular page on the site. After weeks of on-and-off-again writing, I am replacing those posts with a whole new section of Aldoblog: Aldo on Audiobooks. Please check it out.

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Importing MP3 audiobooks into iTunes

August 29, 2005

Our preferred method for obtaining audiobooks is from Second is from the public library. Third is buying them on MP3 CDs.

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I dream of Harry Bosch

August 17, 2005

I’ve written how Rochelle and I listen to audio books on our iPods. It’s by far the best way we’ve found to fill commute and other dead time, and I frankly barely use my iPod for music; probably 95% of the time, it’s on for audio books. And one character rises above them all: Harry Bosch.

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