Writing for the boss

by Michael Alderete on 3/4/2002

More of my noodling around, I found a great weblog by a very honest man, who’s boss wanted him to stop writing his weblog.

He said no.

Since someday someone I work for will surely run across this weblog, hopefully they’ll like it, or if not maybe they’ll read Mark’s article, and not ask me to stop writing. This weblog isn’t as interesting, as honest as Mark’s, but I’m working on it. And plan to keep doing so.

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The Weblog Manifesto

by Michael Alderete on 3/4/2002

Trolling around wasting time this evening, I ran across The Weblog Manifesto. A great piece of writing about why and how to write a weblog. Worth the read.

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Improvements for this weblog

by Michael Alderete on 1/26/2002

So after using this weblogging software for a few months now, I have a list of things I’d like to see added to it:

  • Graphics management, and easy insertion of graphics into stories
  • Better, more automatic ways to refer to previous stories
  • More complete logging of page views, click-throughs, etc.

Are there things you (my many readers, ha) would like to see done differently on this weblog? Send me e-mail, at the address in the sidebar.

Don’t just say “post more,” either; I want that, too…

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