cymerc Daze: End of daze

by Michael Alderete on 2/20/2001

Today will probably be my last day going into my job. I’ve cleaned out my desk, packed home my stuff, and pretty much just want to use the printer and copy a few things onto Zip disks. And so ends my Cymerc days.

We are going on a bender tonight, my former co-workers and I. One last hurrah, and all that…

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by Michael Alderete on 2/19/2001

I got my expense check today! Deposited it immediately, of course. Now I just have to wait and see if it clears…

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by Michael Alderete on 2/19/2001

I heard today that our controller, who had known that our demise was immanent, was completely drunk at the all-hands meeting where our CEO announced that we were dead. Poor George, knowing what was coming for weeks, he could not tell us. It must have sucked.

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by Michael Alderete on 2/19/2001

My Aeron chair, should I choose to purchase it at the “fair market value,” is going to be around $500. It’s one of those badges of honor, or something, from the dot.commer experience. I think, even though I’m currently unemployed, that I’m going to buy it.

Follow-up: the company’s landlord chose to “purchase” a large percentage of Cymerc’s physical assets (furniture), including all the Aeron chairs, in exchange for outstanding rent, or something. Our CEO “forgot” I wanted mine, and I hadn’t properly labeled it, so I lost out. Oh, well…

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by Michael Alderete on 2/13/2001

Today the CEO of my company called an all-hands meeting, to announce that he was 99.99% sure we were not going to be funded, and that we were closing down the business, effective today. It was a shock to all of us; only a few people knew in advance. Supposedly we’ll get paychecks for the first half of this month, and hopefully “severance” pay through the end of the month.

Fortunately, my resume is up-to-date. ;-)

Unfortunately, I have over $3,500 in expenses that haven’t been paid…

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