Good pizza delivery in San Francisco

November 22, 2003

It might be hard to believe that in a food city like San Francisco it can be hard to find good pizza. Indeed, it’s not hard to find good pizza — if you’re willing to drive to it. Tommaso’s on Kearny, Vicolo on Ivy, and Arizmendi, on 9th Avenue are all good. None are close, none deliver. My kingdom for good pizza delivery!

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Where the promo parties went, part 1

October 3, 2003

Yesterday at 3pm Rochelle asked me if I wanted to go out, to a party she had seen posted on, at a local bar, Butter. The Food Network was going to be there, shooting footage of Butter’s unique approach to bar food, and there would be free food samples and giveaway goodies. Most importantly, there would be 25¢ pints of beer, and $2 cosmos. I was in like Flint, as they say.

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Everything’s better with bacon

March 23, 2003

The other night Rochelle and I watched Monster’s Inc., in every way a better movie than the Oscar winner, Shrek. Before watching the movie, we made popcorn. With three different fats on top.

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The last burger

March 11, 2003

I just ate the last burger. The last burger sold by Rosamunde Sausage Grill. I took it next door to Toronado, ordered a Big Daddy IPA, and ate it. It was the last one. Because today is the last Burger-Day.

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C’est fromage

March 4, 2003

We just ate cheese for dinner. Four really fucking good cheeses, air shipped to us from France. Rochelle read about in the New York Times, and talked Hilda into splitting a shipment with us. Our selection arrived this morning.

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Out with the old…

February 27, 2003

Tonight Rochelle found what must be the oldest thing in our refrigerator, some sliced pickled ginger in sweet vinegar. The package says it expired in 1997. Which means Rochelle has had it longer than she’s had me.

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Brand name recognition

March 3, 2002

Rochelle and I are starting to get famous, via our web site covering the food we eat, and obsessively document.

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