Global Frequency ringtone

by Michael Alderete on 6/28/2005 · 1 comment

After a long and mostly fruitless search for a downloadable version of the Global Frequency ringtone, “hangfire snausage” was kind enough to share with me via email his MP3 of it, with the encouragement to spread it around. So for those phones that can play an MP3 ringtone, here it is:

Global Frequency ringtone (MP3, 12 kbytes)

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Get on the Global Frequency

by Michael Alderete on 6/21/2005

You are being asked to do the following:

  1. Search for the Global Frequency pilot TV episode. (When you find it, it might look something like this.) Download the torrent, and watch the show.
  2. Read some comments of the show’s writer/producer. You can read the front page of his weblog or just some of the most relevant posts:
    1. GF wow
    2. It’s a ‘Global’ Frequency Now…
    3. One Last GF Question…
  3. Await further instructions on this and other channels.

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