Making Nearly Perfect Audiobooks

January 30, 2009

This is an overview of my current process for importing audiobooks. It’s a preview of my forthcoming (no, really, I promise) update to my instructions for importing audiobooks from CDs into iTunes. For OCD types, anal-retentives, and Harry Potter fans (hello brothers and sisters!), this preview may be sufficient for you to follow along on […]

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iTunes 8 is great for audiobook lovers

September 11, 2008

The number one question I receive from visitors to Aldo on Audiobooks is “How do I get my audiobooks to show up in the Audiobooks section of iTunes and my iPod/iPhone?” iTunes 8 makes answering this question almost trivial. Here are the details.

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iPhone 2.0 and iPhone 3G

July 14, 2008

I upgraded my original iPhone to the 2.0 firmware release on Thursday night (before all the activation problems started), and have been using it for a couple days now. As others have written at length elsewhere, the 2.0 software release has a ton of improvements. While those are nice, I barely notice them. The real […]

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iPhone user interface quirk #1 for audiobooks

April 23, 2008

Dan Sanderson provides a clear explanation, including pretty good photos, of one of the user interface “quirks” that can get you when using the iPhone for audiobooks, namely, the iPhone’s indicator and toggle buttons for Repeat and Shuffle modes are somewhat hidden, not 100% clear, and can be toggled accidentally if you’re not careful. When […]

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Managing audiobooks on a small-capacity iPod

February 15, 2008

Managing audiobooks on a small-capacity iPod is a new article I’ve posted in Aldo on Audiobooks, which describes some of the ways I manage what goes onto my iPod. The article is for anyone whose iTunes Library size exceeds the capacity of their iPod or iPhone, but it’s especially helpful to anyone who has a […]

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Holy afterburners, Batman!

September 5, 2007

Today Apple announced a whole series of changes to its lineup of iPods, including improvements and a price reduction for the iPod I recommend for audiobooks, the 4 GB iPod nano. But the most interesting news, to me, was about the iPhone, at the end of the event. From Steve’s lips to our ears (via […]

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More iPhone notes

July 8, 2007

A few more thoughts on my iPhone, that I’ve jotted down since my earlier post:

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One week with an iPhone

July 6, 2007

Last Friday I bought an 8 gigabyte iPhone at an Apple store. I’ve been using the phone for a week now, and overall, while there are certainly flaws and omissions, it is a spectacular synthesis of hardware and software excellence. No other handheld device I’ve used even comes close, including the seven previous iPods I’ve […]

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iPhone Preview

June 9, 2007

Saw an iPhone in the wild today, including watching the owner look up a contact and dial them. It looked as brilliant in real-world use as it does in the commercials. Want. Want. Want!

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“You had me at scrolling”

January 9, 2007

Two thoughts about today’s Apple keynote given by Steve Jobs, and the introduction of the Apple iPhone. The first is that it’s an absolute grand slam home run. Think about it this way: take away the phone and the Internet connectivity, and it would still be a breakthrough product, a truly amazing next generation for […]

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