My wife has a brilliant use for porn

by Michael Alderete on 4/25/2003

I got an adult catalog in the mail today, from an outfit called Forbidden Fantasies. Dunno how I got on their mailing list (no, really), and I was going to throw it out without opening the envelope until Rochelle stopped me with what is clearly a brilliant idea: Save the catalog so I have something to stuff in the Business Reply envelopes I’m always returning to the junk mailers.

So now it’s sitting on top of my monitor, waiting for the next bombardment by the bulk mailers, looking for all the world as though I was just about to place an order online. When a postage-paid return envelope arrives, I’ll tear off a page of smut, stuff it in, and send it back to them on their nickel. Cool, n’est pas?

The only problem is, the catalog is short, and the junk mailers with their credit card offers are incredibly persistent. If we only hadn’t sold off my brother’s collection of Celebrity Skin at our last garage sale!

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