DHI 78-80

March 26, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: hardware upgrades, scraping up crap, and for sale!, a 19” Trinitron monitor!

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DHI 72-77

March 23, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: ransom notes?, basement dumping, general cleanup, mite shit removal, and a new jungle gym for the cats.

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DHI 64-69

March 16, 2003

Daily Home Improvements: power upgrades, pillow talk, the framers, sticking my battery where it belongs, peace talks, and the inevitable blog tweakage.

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DHI 27-33

February 2, 2003

Magazine reorganization, another basement disposal trip, long efforts on the computer, sanding, and more.

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DHI 20-26

January 26, 2003

More CRAP improvements, getting rid of boxes of stuff, a dozen items of clothing, and rearranging all the BeBoxes to give Rochelle most of her parlor back.

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BeBox project update

January 21, 2003

Back in October, Rochelle got me to publicly commit to finishing my BeBox refurb project, or terminate it. She cleverly suggested a deadline far in the future. The date was last weekend.

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