Rochelle in the SF Chronicle

by Michael Alderete on 1/27/2007

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Friday wine section has an article, Social Swirl: Surging in popularity, wine clubs let you learn while you drink, with some choice quotations from Rochelle and from our friend David, about the wine tasting group Rochelle started more than four years ago.

This is our third major news article having to do with obsessions with food and drink. Not sure what says about us, except hopefully we’re fun to be around…

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We’re in the NY Times

by Michael Alderete on 10/12/2003

Rochelle and I were mentioned, and Rochelle quoted, in this Sunday’s New York Times. The article is about couples registering for wine when they’re getting married, which we did, and recommend. Go read the article for more details (within the next 30 days, or you need to be a subscriber).

Rochelle’s marking an item off her “to do before I die” list, and we were both happy that we weren’t the couple with the largest age range mentioned in the article (we’re 4 years apart, while the biggest gap was 11 years).

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Wine corks are good for the environment

by Michael Alderete on 12/11/2002

In the past couple years I’ve read of a shortage of cork (the raw material) to make corks (for wine bottles), and seen some of the results in the marketplace, with rubber and composite corks becoming fairly common.

What I didn’t know was that the artificial corks are bad for the environment.

A recent article in the BBC explains that the decline of real cork is due to demand falling, not supply, and the ripple effect is causing considerable ecological damage.

It turns out that not only is harvesting real cork 100% environmentally friendly (the trees are not damaged, and the rest of the forest thrives), but as demand has slumped, cork farmers are cutting down the cork trees to plant alternate crops. Yikes!

So, the lesson for us is, drink more champagne, which only uses natural cork for a stopper.

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