A few Tournament predictions

by Michael Alderete on 3/14/2002

Here’s a couple of predictions for the 2002 NCAA Basketball Tournament which starts in about an hour.

Duke takes it all. Kansas looks really strong, but every Duke player in the rotation knows what it takes to win a national championship. Duke’s not invincible, but they know it. Expect Jason Williams to focus, and win.

No way Cincinnati is a Final Four team. Yeah, they have 30 wins, but they won’t get four more.

Gonzaga got screwed by getting a #6 seed, and faces #2 Arizona in the second round. It’s going to be a Final Four-level game. I think AZ is going to bring it, but I’d love to see the ‘Zags move on instead.

Stanford is out in the first round.

USC is going to last a bit longer, but has to face Duke. And will lose.

Cal wins a game, but probably not two.

UCLA out in the first round.

Oregon, without any Tournament experience, will win two games, but no more.

Last year my tournament picks were in the 96th percentile at ESPN’s Tournament Challenge; tell me how I did in three weeks!

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