Does Andersen Deserve to Die?

Does Andersen deserve to go down in flames? Yes.

I recently heard an interview on NPR with some Andersen employees, based in South California, who were basically saying that they loved their company and didn’t think Andersen as a whole should go down in flames for the Enron debacle.

I disagree. Ever heard the saying “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch?” I think it’s great to have some kind of counterbalance to all the merger mania and consolidation amongst the various corporate behemoths.

Why shouldn’t there be a risk? These large corporations have no one’s interests but their own, and are virtually above the law (especially when they’re buying politicians). The consequence of being brought down for egregious behavior is a not a bad thing, IM!HO.

Oh, yeah, here’s a fun article about how lying was SOP for Andersen.