We’re Back…?

I have a new ISP, having had my account sold to a new provider. And their current quality-of-service level is 0%: In the 36 hours since they flipped the switch, it’s all dead air.

I’ve been with my current ISP (or rather, the company they acquired, and then them) for more than seven years, with SDSL service for nearly four years. I’ve had great quality-of-service, with one outage in that entire time. And while I didn’t like paying the extra I was paying, I also wasn’t having any of the problems many friends and family passed on to me, so I figured it was worth it.

So two months ago they tell me they’re getting out of the DSL business, and will be selling transferring my account to another provider. Details to follow.

Except the details never follow, and last night they did the cut-over without any notice at all, and screwed it up completely. I’ve been without service for more than 24 hours, which to a geek like me is nearly a terminal condition.

If you’re able to view this, great. From my server logs it looks like some kinds of incoming connections are working, and when I tried accessing my web sites from work, I got through.

But I can’t get out! I can’t surf, or send e-mail. I can post to this weblog, but only because it’s on my internal network, not outside it.

Anyway, frustrating is not the word. My relationship with my new ISP is less than two days old and it’s already all bad.

BroadView Networks. Stay away.