A good keyboard is worth 1000 words

by Michael Alderete on 4/14/2002

I have written several times about my search for an acceptable keyboard to replace my beloved Apple Extended Keyboard, which I can no longer use with my Mac, due to the retirement of the ADB interface.

Well, my search is over. About three weeks ago I received a brand new Ballistic USB Extended Keyboard (Graphite) from Mac Station, and have been beating on it regularly since then. It’s everything I have been looking for in a keyboard, with the exception of not having the groovy Volume Up/Down/Mute and CD Eject buttons that the Apple Pro Keyboard has. And those I can live without, in return for the right feel on the keys.

If you’ve used and been a fan of the old Apple Extended Keyboard, the Ballistic will delight you, and at $75 Canadian (under US$50), it’s actually cheaper than any of the bad keyboards I’ve tried.

Highly, highly recommended.

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