Good Eats

The best food show on the Food Network is Alton Brown’s “Good Eats”.

After many many months of yearning, begging, and filling out surveys our local cable company finally caved into us, and brought the Food Network to San Francisco. Everyone knows Emerile is the “big star” on that channel, and indeed he has many devoted fans. We’re not among them.

The best show has had quieter success. Not many people who don’t watch 2+ hours of the Food Network a day (fast forwarded) know the name Alton Brown, but if you like good food, you should.

Alton’s show, Good Eats, is part traditional cooking show, part comedy, and part Mr. Science. It’s got great writing, tells you a lot about food chemistry without being in-your-face educational, every show has a different theme, and Alton himself is tremendously engaging.

It’s the best thing since…uh, no, I can’t do it…you figure it out…