Another Mouse Story

Logitech’s Cordless Optical Mouse just may be the perfect computer mouse, whether you have a PC or a Mac.

I had been using Kensington (ADB) mice with my computers for years when I finally upgraded to a new Mac G4 with USB. I was really looking forward to Apple’s new optical mouse, after 10+ years of using micro-tweezers to clean out my mechanical mouse every few weeks.

I gave the Apple Pro Mouse a workout for a couple months, and finally decided it was hurting me. The cable is too short, even when connected directly to my keyboard, and because of its rocker switch (instead of a proper button), picking it up with the mouse still down (when I ran out of desk space) was quite stressful on my hand. I also found I hated going back to a single mouse button — it’s inexcusable that Apple doesn’t make a multi-button mouse.

Rochelle had been using a Microsoft IntelliMouse for almost two years, and liked it well enough, but I found it too big for my hands. I like to be able to actually enfold the mouse with my hand, not just lay my hand upon it and move it around. I’m just a Grabber, I guess.

I finally found the Logitech Cordless Optical Mouse (not the MouseMan, the product name is exactly as written). It’s a lovely shape, symmetric for Lefties as well as Righties, and fits my hand beautifully.

It’s got two buttons and a scroll wheel (which can also act as a third button), and works with Mac OS X without additional driver software (I haven’t even tried Logitech’s software yet). It’s also PC-compatible.

What’s more, I found “Cordless” to be the most surprisingly ergonomic part of it. I’m not managing a cable every time I mouse around anymore, it’s truly liberating. The batteries last for a few months at a time (I’ve replaced mine once). Wireless mice is the only way to go, I’m now convinced.

I liked my mouse so much Rochelle decided she wanted one, too, and it has now replaced the IntelliMouse on her PC.

Hopefully this mouse story was less gross than some of the previous ones!