Dinner at L’Assiette Champenoise

by Michael Alderete on 10/15/2002

We had originally intended to have dinner at the restaurant in our hotel only once, on our first full day in France, but had ended up eating there our first night because we were too tired to go elsewhere.

So when we arrived for dinner for which we had actual reservations, we were greeted even more warmly than the previous evening. We also knew the champagne was excellent, and immediately ordered a glass as an aperitif.

Our meal lasted five courses, at the end of which we were stuffed. The photos will show you we ate well, though I can tell you they don’t do justice to the food at all.

One thing we didn’t take a photo of was the most expensive item for the meal: a bottle of Roederer Cristal. A very good price at a store in the US is $100; in a restaurant it’s quite a bit more expensive. In France the damage isn’t quite as bad, and we got to drink it at the store price instead of the restaurant price. Nevertheless, while we enjoyed it, we decided it wasn’t for us. We drank many champagnes we liked better while in France, most of them one-fifth the price, or less.

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