New server up and running

by Michael Alderete on 1/1/2003

If you’re reading this, it’s being served up by my new server.

Over the course of Saturday I finished installing and configuring the minimum required software to be able to switch over to the new server for running my sites. On Sunday I swapped the IP addresses of the new and old systems, and got to work fixing the things that broke when I took the new machine live. I finished up all the obvious stuff around 2am Monday morning, and while there have been some glitches with my DSL connection that I believe are coincidental, it has been mostly smooth sailing since then.

The one area where there seem to be problems is in e-mail. I have configured my mail server to be substantially more aggressive in rejecting spam e-mail, because I’m really tired of being bombarded by 100s of offers per day for medical, sexual, and financial “breakthroughs.”

The aggressiveness seems to be causing mail from legitimate senders to be bounced. So, if you’ve e-mailed me since Sunday and I haven’t replied, it’s probably because I haven’t received your message. Try contacting me at my work e-mail address, [alderete] at sign [persistence] period [com], and let me know you tried my home address first.

I’m working over the next couple of days to change the outright rejections into recommendations, so my usual correspondence should be preserved again, while still blocking the spam. Hopefully that will be in place by the end of this weekend.

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