DHI 81-84

Daily Home Improvements: commercial transactions, general stuff, sweeping up, and a new cat pan plan.

DHI 81: I actually sold both the monitor I listed, and a second one I was going to list in a couple days. So they’re both out of our parlor, and I’m $225 closer to being able to buy an LCD display of my own.

DHI 82: A fair amount of cleaning and reorganizing stuff that we’re either moving around or getting rid of.

DHI 83: Swept up the debris under our deck, and hosed down the area. It’s cleaner than it’s been in months…or years.

DHI 84: Planned and executed a new arrangement of litter boxes for the cats. Yuck!

Note that with the earlier posting for this week, I actually managed a full week of DHIs, in spite of the basketball tournament!