DHI 99-101

Daily Home Improvements: Lock outs, the Terminator, and the Great Migration.

DHI 99: I changed the locks on our front and back doors, in preparation for terminating our housecleaner. Sadly, it’s necessary. To make matters worse, I forgot to really look at the front door lock in-place. It’s older and unusual, in that it’s a deadbolt that integrates with the regular door handle. When I got back from the rekeying, I could not figure out how to put it back together quite the way it was…

DHI 100: It’s sad that this particular milestone was letting our housecleaner go. Unfortunately we had an ugly, ugly tax surprise this year, and cutting back on expenses became rapidly more important than the convenience of having someone clean up after us.

DHI 101: I didn’t record any additional distinct DHIs this week, because my access to my weblog was cut off due to my system migration. I did actually do some things, but I find that if I don’t write them down quickly, I forget them. All I can remember from this week is the work I did on re-installing Mac OS X, and migrating over my applications and system settings, etc., which I’m recording as a single DHI, though it’s been quite a bit of work, and I’m maybe halfway finished.