DHI 108-114

Daily Home Improvements: stacking and racking, money laundering, some anti-spam work, a little bit of moving furniture, some work on this blog, and being The Cable Guy.

DHI 108: Continued sorting through and stacking software CDs, eliminating two more piles, and almost completely cleaning one of the many cluttered flat surfaces in reaching distance from my computer chair.

DHI 109: Took 2552 pennies, plus 2 dimes, a quarter, and a couple foreign coins that snuck in, down to Safeway’s change redemption machine. The machines keeps an 8.9% fee, which sounds high until you realize that it’s from money that’s too damn heavy and bulky to ever use in the Real World anyway. If Safeway didn’t have a machine to count them, I’d probably have just thrown them in the street…

DHI 110: Another batch of CDs sorted, separated from documentation, and slotted into the rack. Grabbed another stack from our dressing room, which is really our indoor storage and junkyard.

DHI 111: Converted to a new anti-spam tool, expired one of my e-mail addresses that is getting too much spam, and added a new anti-spam category to this weblog.

DHI 112: We moved our television out of the bedroom and into our parlor. Our setup isn’t as complicated as some — TV, VCR, TiVo, and cable box — but it’s still a pain in the ass to take apart and put back together. To say nothing of lifting my 10-year old TV, of course, which is damn heavy. Rochelle did a nice job of labeling the cables, and I cleaned the 2 years of dust off. Of course, when we hooked it all back together, it didn’t work. After an hour of troubleshooting, we called our cable company. Turns out it’s a neighborhood-wide outage, not us. What are the chances of that??

DHI 113: A variety of tweaks to this weblog. A few TITLE tags, to provide pop-up help; converting many HTML tags to lower-case, in anticipation of migrating to XHTML; converting to an external stylesheet, which should improve the performance of this site a bit; rearranged the sidebar; and a few other smallish things like that.

DHI 114: A trip to Radio Shack, to buy a 50′ coax extension, since it appears that — in the wake of the neighborhood-wide outage from DHI 112 being fixed — only one of the two cable drops in our house is actually functional. The cable coils its way down our hallway, definitely unsightly, but Rochelle was able to watch the season finale of Alias. The cable guy comes tomorrow morning to activate the other drop.