DHI 115-121

Daily Home Improvements: HTML work, cable babysitting, redesign work, The World as a Blog, saving junk, RSS work, and some purging of crap.

DHI 115: Continued my obsessive tweaking of this site’s HTML template until I finally got it to (once again) validate as correct HTML. We’ll see how long that lasts…

DHI 116: Stayed home to wait for The Cable Guy to fix our cable. Two days in a row.

DHI 117: Began some major work on this weblog’s design, with the intention of moving it to XHTML + CSS. This is going to be some effort, so you may see the results in chunks as I roll them out.

DHI 118: Added Geo Tags to this blog. Now, before you sneeeeef at how nerdy this is, you should check out the geoblog, where you can see the world wake up and blog, in real-time. Very groovy. Uh, to us nerds…

DHI 119: Moved some empty (future eBay shipping) boxes down to the basement, and generally cleared the crap from a small area of the massive pile of crap in my office.

DHI 120: Added channel-specific RSS feeds for this site. This involved fixing a defect in the software that I use to run this blog, which was preventing the easy changes from working.

DHI 121: Emptied out one of my many plastic storage bins of a bunch of home electronics (center speaker, side speakers, cables, cheap analog camera, etc.) that I don’t want, or want to store, any more. On its way to Goodwill, eventually.