NoteTaker vs. NoteBook

Aquaminds NoteTaker has deservedly received some good press recently. But as it happens, it has a competitor from the same family tree. Circus Ponies NoteBook is based on the same source code, from a product originally written for NeXTSTEP. It’s just been released, and has a competitive upgrade price of only $10 — a no brainer.

Aquaminds NoteTaker has deservedly received some good press recently, including a nice mention in the May Macworld’s “More Mac Software Bargains” article, where it’s one of the most expensive items listed. It’s a really fine outlining and semi-structured way to organize information for Mac OS X.

An interesting thing about NoteTaker, it’s based on code written years ago, for a NeXTSTEP application called NoteBook. As it happens, when Millennium Software Labs (the company that published NoteBook) disbanded, two people got the rights to the source code. A founder at Aquaminds is one of them, and a founder at Circus Ponies is the other. And Circus Ponies just recently announced their newest version, named (curiously enough) NoteBook.

The two products are both priced under $100 (NoteBook just barely), and have enough similarities that you can see their common ancestry. And they’re different in some interesting ways, too.

The most interesting thing about NoteBook, though, is the competitive upgrade. It’s $10! That price is so low, it’s a no-brainer to buy the software. And there’s a wide range of products which qualify you for the competitive upgrade, too.

But hurry, the offer only lasts another five days, expiring on the 18th. Buy it now!