When will I ever learn?

by Michael Alderete on 6/6/2003

OK, fair warning, this is a cat poo story.

Our youngest cat, Luigi, has really stinky poo. Really stinky. And it seems to be his natural condition, because we’ve taken him to the vet about it.

He used to wake us up with his poos, but we got wise, and he doesn’t crap in the litterbox that’s just off our bedroom anymore. Instead he uses the box in the water closet, across from the bathroom. The problem is, he likes to do it when we’re taking a bath, especially if we’ve shut him out of the bedroom to give Billie a few minutes of peace. As you might guess, this makes the bath a lot less enjoyable.

We’ve hit upon the right technique to deal with it: shut him out of the bedroom, open the water closet window wide, and close the water closet doors most of the way. That’s the theory, but remembering to do this every time before you take a bath is hard, even with the excellent negative reinforcement Luigi gives us. In reality the steps are more like, get into bath, enjoy bath, smell toxic poo, get out of bath, cover poo in litter, open water closet window really wide, close water closet doors most of the way, get back into bath. Less than ideal.

One of these days I will learn…

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