Pete Wellborn for senator

by Michael Alderete on 9/10/2003

Pete Wellborn is the attorney representing the defendants in a recent nuisance lawsuit filed by a group of spammers against some of the better-known — and more effective — anti-spam resources and groups, such as Spamhaus and SPEWS.

His motion to dismiss the case was so effective that the plaintiffs are now trying to back out of the case, so they can avoid having to pay opponent’s legal fees, which they’re likely to have to do. Pete’s not going to let them do that.

Wellborn has been so effective at racking up successes against spammers, to the tune of multi-million dollar judgments, that he’s called the “Spammer Hammer.” And after defending on this lawsuit, he’s switching to offense, to run down the toads behind it for their spamming activities.

Go get ‘em, Hammer!

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