Security insights

by Michael Alderete on 9/6/2003

From a recent interview with Bruce Schneier, one of the U.S.‘s premiere security experts, comes one of the most understandable and insightful comments on recent security changes that I’ve read:

There’s a common myth that security and liberty are opposites, that increased surveillance is necessary for increased security. This is wrong. Of all the measures instituted to improve airline security, only two have had any positive effect: Reinforcing the cockpit door and teaching the passengers to fight back. Everything else is window dressing — “security theater,” as I call it in my book. Notice that neither of those two things have any effect on personal liberties.

I’m sure that so-called “homeland security” will continue to be a major political lever used to introduce more government control and oversight into our lives. Perhaps Bruce’s new book will at least inject some common sense into the discussion.

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