Showing my Dock in public

by Michael Alderete on 10/2/2003

A deceptively frivolous article on MacDevCenter has inspired a lot of people to show their Docks in public. (The Dock is an application launcher / current applications list / application switcher in Mac OS X, analogous to the Taskbar + Start Menu in Windows.) I noticed a particular commonality among many of the Docks posted, and wanted to ask about it. But before I asked people about their Docks, I thought I ought to show mine.

My mac os x dock (click for full-size version)

From left to right: Finder, System Preferences, iPulse, Eudora 6 (with Eudora 5 icon), OmniWeb, NetNewsWire Pro, Interarchy, BBEdit, Terminal, iCal, iTunes, iPhoto, SuperGetInfo, StuffIt Expander, Spell Catcher X, Radio UserLand.

Now, here’s my question. Many of the Docks being posted include an FTP client on them. Without exception (that I have seen) that client is Transmit, from Panic Software. Why are people so universally choosing Transmit? Is it that much better than the competition?

I’ve been using Interarchy for a very long time, since way before Mac OS X. I’ve found the Mac OS X version to be pretty good, now that it’s hit version 6. I don’t really want to switch, but if I’m missing out on the best FTP client, I would actually like to know it.

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