Getting Started with m0n0wall

by Michael Alderete on 1/24/2004

I have been working on setting up a new, much more sophisticated firewall for our little home network. I’m using software from an Open Source project called m0n0wall, and it’s a wonderful piece of work. If you’ve thought of getting a SonicWALL or a WatchGuard network security appliance, you should check m0n0wall out. (If you don’t know what a SonicWALL or a WatchGuard is, forget I mentioned it.)

One of the few weaknesses of the project is that there is little-to-no documentation for it. So as part of the process of teaching myself how to configure my m0n0wall system, I started writing some. The first piece is Getting Started with m0n0wall, a guide to the first few things you need to do to configure m0n0wall, once you have your hardware running.

It’s a very rough draft, with a lot of pieces missing, but I thought I’d publish a link to it so Google would find it, so new m0n0wall users might be able to find some help.

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