A Few Fixes, Still Digging

This evening I looked at this site’s error log, and found old URLs that no longer worked. And fixed most of them.

This evening I looked at the error logs for this weblog, and found a bunch of URLs for the old weblog, which didn’t work on the new one. I added a half-dozen mod_rewrite rules, and I should be handling almost every old URL now.

There’s one last format, for the channel-specific RSS feeds, that I’ll fix tomorrow evening, but I haven’t seen any evidence that anyone other than me uses them anyway, so it might not make a difference.

The other thing that’s definitely not working is comments. I don’t turn them on for every posting, but even on the posts with comments enabled, they’re not showing up. For some reason PHP will not include the wp-comments.php file where it’s supposed to, and so none of the comments displaying or form code is being run.

I have turned on comments for this post, in case any readers have ideas for how to solve the problem, but…