More Proof Windows is Braindead

Windows XP turned a slight mistake into a permanent file deletion. That sucks.

I just borrowed Rochelle’s flash-based pen drive to transfer a file from her old PC to her new one (some contacts data we forgot in the original migration). After transferring the file, I selected a couple of old files to delete, and dragged them to the trash.

It turns out, for some reason I had a third item selected, a folder of Rochelle’s, and it got dragged to the trash, too. No big deal, right, just hit Undo, or go into the Recycling Bin and retrieve it, right?

Wrong. Windows XP deletes items from removable drives (or at least pen drives) immediately; they don’t sit in the trash, ever. So hopefully Rochelle has copies of the stuff in that was in that folder. Otherwise, it’s gone for good.

Thanks Windows.